Anti Gray Hair 7050 review.

Anti Gray Hair 7050 review.

What is Anti-Gray Hair 7050 and how does it work?

As the name of this supplement suggest, Anti-Gray Hair is combined from ingredients that are aimed at preventing greying of hair and returning hair to its natural color. This supplement addresses a couple of possible causes of greying hair including – lack of enzyme Catalase, deficiency of vitamins, low production of Melanin and stress. So if you are experiencing grey hair due to one of these reasons, Anti-Gray Hair can definitely provide you with some benefits. In addition to anti-graying effect this supplement can provide users with extra advantages like fuller, thicker as well as healthier hair. These additional benefits can be expected since Anti-Gray Hair includes different vitamins & minerals that are advantageous for appearance and health of hair.

What ingredients are included?

The formulation of this product is quite similar to most anti-greying supplements reviewed in this website; however there are small differences in dosages and it lacks a few minerals like Copper, Manganese and Calcium. Based on the label of Anti-Gray Hair, the most essential ingredients in this supplement are Catalase, Pantothenic Acid and Saw Palmetto, since they are included in the highest dosages. You can find a full list of ingredients included in Anti-Gray Hair bellow together with a short explanation why it might be advantageous for grey hair.


  • Pantothenic Acid. Results of a couple studies on animals suggest that deficiency of Vitamin B5 might lead to loss of hair color. Due to this Pantothenic acid is a common ingredient in many hair care products, including anti-greying supplements;

  • Catalase. Getting more Catalase from a supplement like Anti-Gray Hair can help avoid one the most common causes of grey hair – buildup of Hydrogen Peroxide. When Hydrogen Peroxide is not properly neutralized it might start to bleach hair by breaking down Melanin. By getting additional amounts of Catalase you can remove excess Hydrogen Peroxide from your scalp, which in turn will help you avoid greying of hair. It is important to point out that our bodies already produce Catalase naturally; however production of this enzyme tend to decrease with age;

  • Saw Palmetto. This ingredient doesn’t seem to have any benefits in terms of hair color; however Saw Palmetto can be beneficial for hair by minimizing hair loss (inhibits DHT production);

  • PABA. Some potential benefits of this ingredient are younger looking skin, prevention of hair loss and hair color restoration. It is worthwhile to mention that effectiveness of PABA for darkening grey hair was confirmed in a couple of studies that was done on animals.

  • L-Tyrosine. This ingredient is included in Anti-Gray supplement for its ability to produce Melanin, which provides our hair with natural color;

  • Plant Sterols. The main advantage of this component is that it is able to minimize stress, which is one of the possible causes of greying hair. In addition to that it is also thought that Plant Sterols can be beneficial for hair by stimulating growth;

  • Nettle Root Extract. Since extract of this plant is known to have multiple benefits for hair it is found in many hair care products. It is thought that Nettle Root extract can inhibit production of DHT (causes baldness), balance hormone levels, regain natural hair color and stimulate hair growth;

  • Horsetail. This ingredient can help to enhance moisture of hair and make them look glossier. In addition to that Horsetail is known to reduce irritation of scalp and it can also help to make roots of hair stronger;
  • Vitamin B6. People who follow a diet that is deficient in this vitamin might notice that their hair is losing color. The main reason why it affects hair color is because one of the functions of Vitamin B6 is to produce Melanin;

  • Zinc Oxide. Since Zinc is considered to be one of the most essential minerals for hair health it is quite obvious why it was included in Anti-Gray. It is worthwhile to mention that deficiency of Zinc might result in hair loss and loss of hair color;

  • Fo Ti Powder can not only aid in restoring natural hair color, but it can also help to reduce hair loss and stimulate growth;

  • Barley Grass Juice Powder. Since this ingredient contains moderate amounts of Copper it can boost production of Melanin in the body. In addition to that Barley Grass is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins as well as minerals that are beneficial for general hair health;

  • Chlorophyll. Since this ingredient provides green color to many plants it is also thought to beneficial for grey hair. Based on a couple of studies, Chlorophyll can work effectively in preventing greying of hair;

  • Other ingredients: Folic Acid and Biotin.

Are there any Side Effects?

Usage of Anti-Gray Hair supplement doesn’t seem to be associated with any side effects. The fact that this anti-greying solution is side effects free product can be confirmed by user testimonials. From these reviews no user mentions any negative effects even after using Anti-Gray Hair for 6-12 months. Also formulation of this supplement doesn’t include any harmful ingredients, since all components are either vitamins or plant extracts. It is worthwhile to mention that manufacturer of this product doesn’t provide any information about safety of using Anti-Gray Hair with other medications or while being pregnant & breastfeeding. Due to this it might be worthwhile to consult your doctor before using Anti-Gray Hair in these mentioned cases.

What do user reviews say?

If you will spend time reading testimonials of Anti-Gray Hair, you will find both positive and negative ones. Based on these testimonials it can be said that this product doesn’t seem to eliminate grey hair completely; however users of this supplement notice either less grey hair or improved general health & appearance of hair. Read a couple of actual user reviews of Anti-Gray Hair bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Anti-Gray Hair, visit Amazon page here.

Where to buy Anti-Gray Hair and what is the Price?

buy-Anti-Gray-Hair-SupplementIn case you already made a decision to try this anti-greying supplement, you can buy it on Amazon and a few other retailers online. It can be said that the price of this supplement is very cheap, because you can buy one month supply for as little as $10. However our recommendation would be to choose more advanced package of Anti-Gray Hair (at least 3 month supply), since you might not see any significant change in your hair color by taking these pills just for one month. Also by ordering multiple bottles of Anti-Gray Hair 7050 you can reduce the price of this supplement even more.

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